Microbe Lift Clean and Clear
Microbe Lift Clean and Clear
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MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear has photosynthetic bacteria which can be very beneficial in balancing the ecology of a pond. They can use the sunlight as a source of energy, taking some of the load off of the aerobic heterotrophs. This is why our product has it’s characteristic purple/red colour. We do not add food coloring or other type of pigments to the product. Like all photosynthetic organisms, photosynthetic bacteria need a pigmented material to absorb the sunlight. In green plants, this pigmented material is chlorophyll which is responsible for the green colour in plants. The pigmented materials in the photosynthetic bacteria are called carotenoids, which gives them the purple/red colour. When we start to grow our product, the media is clear. After a few days of exposure to sunlight it turns the purple/red colour as if by magic when the bacteria synthesize this natural pigment. When some of our competition hear that customers and dealers feel the photosynthetic bacteria are beneficial they claim they have them too. Unfortunately, this is impossible since most of these products are clear. Since light just passes through a clear liquid, how can it contain photosynthetic bacteria? It simply can’t.Ecological Laboratories, Inc. is the basic manufacturer of MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear. Many other companies do not produce their own bacteria and their products are “stock products” mass produced by large culture manufacturers, sold for any number of applications and packaged under a variety of labels. Most of these products contain only aerobic heterotrophs and facultative anaerobes. While these may provide some benefit in a pond environment it cannot balance the ecosystem the way MICROBE-LIFT’s consortium of aerobic heterotrophs, facultative anaerobes plus photosynthetic, anaerobic and chemosynthetic organisms can.

MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear is grown in the container in which it is sold. This is because the organisms grow synergistically. It is a virtual “ecosystem in a bottle”. They are grown together because that’s the way they have to work in your pond – together. Most products from the mass producers of bacteria are grown as individual strains in large tanks or in tray fermentors if they are dry products. Then they are blended before packaging with very little knowledge of how they will interact in the pond environment or any environment for that matter. 

MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear is so versatile that it will do many things that would require the addition of three or four of another company’s products. While the price of MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear may be a little higher than some competitive products by the time you add the various products you have to add to get the same results as MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear you might spend three to four times what you would spend to use MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear to achieve the same results.And, if you want to keep it simple - do what the most successful salesman for one of our best dealers does when asked why he recommends MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear. All he tells his customers when they ask him what MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear can do for their pond is “it cuts your pond maintenance in half”. Simple, but very effective - and true.

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