FujiMAC Air PumpsFujiMAC's 30-year track record of producing the world's best diaphragm air pump has been achieved through stringent quality control.  
FujiMAC is the only wastewater diaphragm air pump available that is MADE IN JAPAN. 100 per cent of design, production and testing is performed in Japan.

The new RII series air pumps have undergone over five years of rigorous testing by FujiMAC research and development staff. 
These pumps are designed to withstand the elements with a durable cast aluminium housing employing the latest paint finishes. 
Final assembly is done in a highly controlled environment by skilled Japanese staff with continuous oversight and numerous quality control checks. 
Each pump is then tested and performance is measured before packaging.

FujiMAC employs many testing techniques to ensure our pumps will stand up to such harsh environments as Southeast Asia humidity and the hot Texas sun. Shown here are pumps being run continuously for years in an uncontrolled outdoor environment and also paint adhesion testing every day to ensure the baked-on automotive quality finish will stand the test of time. Best-in-class noise level is achieved through our proprietary sound reduction technologies, including a unique noise barrier aluminium housing and anti-vibration rubber technology.
Low Noise Level, The most severe environmental standard is related to noise. Especially the night-time reference value of the area requiring quietness (environmental standard AA area).

FujiMAC Air Pumps