Pond Filtration systems

Looking for Unbeatable water quality and clarity and Zero maintenance within the Biological stage well look no futher than evolution aqua's nexus easy 220 and 320
The Nexus 210/310, Evolution Aqua's world leading filtration system has now got better. Incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed coupled with the exceptional New Eazy mechanical filter. Combined they provide outstanding water clarity and quality. It is extremely 'Eazy' and pleasurable to clean.

The Nexus 210/310 is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system for all sizes of pond. It has and continues to revolutionise the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus combined with the New Eazy, means there really is no competition regarding price and what it will.

The Roto Concept Gravity Shower is of a truly unique design, and by using the latest British manufacturing techniques to produce each Roto Concept Gravity Shower every Koi Keeper can now benefit from this advanced new concept.
Quite simply, the Roto Concept Gravity Shower is the future of Koi pond filtration, today.

Innovation in bead filtration

The brand new K1 Micro Bead filters have now arrived and are available to order from Blackburn house koi now.

These game changing filtration systems completely re-invent the way we think about bead filters. Rather than using conventional beads as their principle filter media, our filters use K1 Micro.

K1 Micro offers a whole host of benefits over beads including:
- improved biological filtration
- better mechanical filtration
- improved flow
- reduced back pressure on pumps