RP Aquatics POND REACTOR is a unique multi-functional Aquatic product, designed for water purification.RP-Aquatics-POND-REACTOR
  • Ready to plumb & play, with 6 Ammonia PODS included.
RP Aquatics Ammonia Block

Ammonia Block eradicates poisonous ammonia infinitely quicker than any other product on the market. New Ponds can be stocked immediately without the fear of an ammonia spike or losing fish, allowing the Nitrogen cycle to mature naturally over a 12-week period. Our advanced product will diminish gradually over time, allowing the filter to transition naturally without the fear of an Ammonia spike.

  • Safe start your Pond.
  • Prevention of Ammonia Spikes.
  • Removes Ammonia Spikes.
  • Peace of mind whilst on Holiday.
  • Can be used for up to 12 weeks. Load dependant.
  • When using to Safe start a Pond, please plumb the reactor after your biological section.
  • Round PODS MUST be placed flat and not squashed up, between the sponges as shown in the diagram, (to maximise exposure to water flow).
  • The POSITION of the REACTOR is critical, please see box diagrams.
  • The Reactor MUST be plumbed vertically, it is recommended to be used on a bypass system for flow control to minimise maintenance.
  • Remove pods whilst using fish disease treatments.
  • With MATURE PONDS, it is recommended that you clean filtration before starting up.
  • Compatible in a wide range of pH parameters and temperature conditions.
  • Water Polishing 7  sponges as provided.
  • Ammonia Block 6 
  • Clean Reactor when flow becomes restricted.
  • Flexible boot connectors (50mm to 63mm) are recommended for an excellent seal, and easy access for cleaning.
  • 10 screws are recommended for bracket housing.
  • Please remove internal packaging before use.

  • Safeguard your stock on delivery from Ammonia Spikes.
  • Prevent Ammonia Spikes when growing on Fry.
  • Allows you to hold more stock.
  • Reduces loses.
  • Removes fines from your water column.

RP Pond Reactor