koi autermatic feedersKoi Feeders are quite a handy piece of kit,especially when it comes to holiday time or if your work keeps you away from home from time to time,there are quite a few different models to choose from,almost something to fit every ones budet.companys like cloverleaf,veld,Koi pro and fok supply a good range of Automatic Pond Feeders

Cloverleaf's electronic computerized auto fish feeders are a breakthrough in both sophistication and exceptional value for the money, and will be appreciated by all pond keepers who either have frequent holidays, or by those who are away from their ponds during most of the day.

The FOK Auto Feeder is without doubt the Rolls Royce of automatic feeders and has been in use around the world to our knowledge for the last 25 years, always providing optimum results and added benefits for any Koi pond. The feeder is fabricated from high grade ABS plastic and runs on 110 ac volts.

Koi Feeders