eco-blue-pond-pumpThere are many different types on pond pumps on the market today ranging from a cheap budget pump to a top of the range pump ,More people these days are going for the new style vario pumps,some are a little more expensive but can be controlled at any time especially in the winter time,the pump then can be turned down in wattage saving you some cash,

Aquaforte DM-Vario Pond Pumps are a new series of controlled pumps for a very interesting price. The DM-Vario pumps are suitable for outdoor use and can be installed both wet and dry.
With the remote controller, you can control the flow (and thus power) of 30% to 100%. Also, the controller can turn on / off the pump (Pause). Equipped with synchronous motor and wear-resistant ceramic shaft. Switches off automatically when there is no water in the rotor. When blockage of the impeller, the pump will turn into a "lock" position, which consumes no power and wait until the blockage is removed again.This prevents the burning of the motor. 2 year warranty.

Varipump by Evolution Aqua is a controllable pond pump, suitable for large ponds. Output and energy consumption can be controlled at the push of a button and the six pole,
three phase motor is quiet and reliable. Available in three sizes, Varipump is powerful enough to run the largest of ponds and filters, and in the most demanding of situations.
Varipump is suitable for use in and out of a pond. Hosetail fittings included, High performance controllable pond pumps that come in three sizes, The varipump 10,000 litre,
varipump 20,000 litre and the varipump 30,000 litre,
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