aquaforte o-plus-vario pumpThe AquaForte O-Plus Vario pond pump has been specially developed for immersion in the pond under water.
The pump can be controlled in 22 stages via the external control unit and can be switched on or off using the start / stop button. With the external controller, you can adjust the flow (and thus also the power consumption) of 30% to 100% power.

The Aquaforte O-Plus Vario Tech-pump is a very energy-efficient pump with innovative electronics.

The O-Plus Vario Tech pump is very quiet, it is equipped with a synchronous motor in which no copper parts are installed.Due to the wear-resistant ceramic shaft, the AquaForte O-Plus Vario Tech-pump is very durable. The pump has an automatic dry-running protection. If the impeller of the pump blocks, the pump goes into the neutral position, it does not consume any energy until the blockage is lifted, thus preventing the pump from burning.
  • The O-Plus 10000 Runs from 15-85 watts and as a maximum height of 5 metres,4000-9000 litres per hour and as two inch ports in and out
  • ​The O-Plus 20000 Runs from 34-187 watts and as a maximum height of 7 metres,9000-20000 litres per hour and as two inch ports in and out.

Aquaforte o-plus Vario Pond Pumps