pond hooversFresh air is a vital commodity that cities, in particular, know how to value. Oxygen, however, is not just in demand above the water surface. It also fulfils important tasks in the water. Fish require oxygen to breath and microorganisms require oxygen to clean the water. Consequently, it is particularly important to always supply the pond with oxygen. Dead plants and fish waste are deposited on the floor as pond silt and bind oxygen. In winter a closed ice cover prevents the exchange with the surrounding air. To keep your pond in top condition throughout the year we recommend vacuuming out the floor silt as needed. The Pondovac4 is ideal in this regard.

  • 1.25" Pool Vacuum Blue/White Forged Loop Hoses are available in pre-cut lengths for proper fit.our minimum order starts from one meter
  • 1.25" Diameter
  • Available in 18', 24', 30' and 36' Lengths
  • Pre-cut lengths for proper fit
  • Blow moulded vacuum hose produced for the residential pool owner looking for affordability and superior performance
  • Moulded leak-proof cuff
  • Leak-proof connections
  • UV protection
  • Resistant to harsh pool chemicals

Pond Cleaning Equipment