BLANKETWEED TREATMENTBlanket weed can become a big problem within your koi pond. certain times of the year especially in the summer months when the climate is humid and sunny. the blanket weed can grow so fast on days like that, the blanket weed that grows on the sides of your koi pond doesn't bring any arm to your koi it is when the weed gets a grip on the floor of your pond that's when the problems start, waste from your koi will stick in the weed and stop the waste from reaching the bottom drains or pump then you could well end up with bacterial problems.​

Algisin is a powerful and reliable solution against blanket weed.
After use blanket weed will start to disappear within a few days, within 14 days the pond is free of blanket weed.
After the blanket weed has been eliminated frequent use of BiOx will prevent the development of new blanket weed

The strong oxidising power of BiOx stops the growth of blanket weed in a natural way. As a side effect, BiOx provides activated oxygen which stimulates biological processes in the pond water. This results in a better living environment for fish and plants.

Blanket Weed Controllers