superfish-bird-cat-protectorThe Velda Pond Protector Kit - Electric is a discrete and simple protection for pond fish from herons and cats.Place the stakes around the pond and connect the cable to the electrical unit, each kit contains 80 metres of material wire. The material wire then admits a low harmless electrical pulse so that when the herons and cats touch it they will be deterred. The 80 metres of wire equates to 40 metres of waterside protection as the video below displays, and the mains electric cable is approximately 10 metres. The Velda extension set provides a further 80 metres of material wire which again equates to a further 40 metres of waterside protection. Comes complete with electric wire and 10 x 60 centimetre stakes.
At a glance:
  • Transformer
  • 10 x 60 cm Stakes
  • 80 Metre electric wire
  • 2 x 5 Metre Red & Green wire
  • 55 cm metal ground pin
  • Connectors and screws


Pond Defence