superfish-bird-cat-protectorGuard your pond against intruders such as cats and herons with the SuperFish Bird & Cat Ultrasonic Protector. The SuperFish Ultrasonic Protector is a non-harmful, motion activated ultrasonic deterrent for common pond predators. The Protector detects unwanted visitors and harmlessly chases them away with an alarm, ultrasonic sound and/or flashing LED lights. The Bird & Cat Protector is easy to install, simply place near your pond, charge the batteries and select an ultrasonic sound frequency.

Loud alarm (setting 1)
The loud alarm is a signal (110 dB). This setting is less suitable in densely populated environments.

Ultrasonic sound (settings 2, 3 and 5)
We call sound ultrasonic, if the frequency is above the level of human hearing, ultrasonic sound is therefore barely audible for human hearing, The human hearing is able to detect frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. As our age increases, our hearing for high tones deteriorates, the upper limit for adults falls to around 15 kHz. Animals Such as cats, herons, mice etc. have a different hearing range than humans. They hear ultrasonic sound, it can therefore work effectively as a deterrent without bothering humans.

Direction of the sound:
Direction of the low frequency sound spreads in a circle formation and decreases as the distance to the source increases. The loud alarm will be clearly audible in the area, especially where the SuperFish Bird & Cat Protector is pointing. Ultrasonic sound moves in a straight line. The cone of the Bird & Cat Protector is constructed in such a way that the ultrasonic sound moves in a radius of 110° and has a range of 8 to 12 metres depending on the circumstances. The sound will therefore only be heard by animals within this range area.

Solar Powered:
Environmentally friendly, works on 3 rechargeable AA batteries (NİMH). These are charged by the built-in solar panel. In case of insufficient sunlight, the batteries can also be charged with the USB cable.

PIR Sensor:
The PIR sensor is an infrared motion detector, the alarm will go off as soon as motion is detected. The Sensor is located on the front of the Bird & Cat Protector, with a rotary knob you can adjust the sensitivity and range.

Detection range:
The sensor has a range of up to 8 metres and a horizontal radius of 120°. The Bird & Cat Protector must be positioned in such a way that the pond falls within this area. Unwanted visitors to your pond will be detected and the alarm will go off.

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