Koi Pond Water Test Kits

A Koi pond can be one of the best retreats available.The chance to simply relax and appreciate the beauty that is so unique to these living jewels.It has been said that "we don't keep fish, but rather water." To a large extent, this is true. We offer an extensive line of water treatment products and test kits to enable you to maintain a quality environment for your Koi. Click on any of the products below to find out there full potential and find the right product for your needs.

The exciting eXact iDip Smart Photometer System harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to handle the heavy lifting of complex water testing. The smartphone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproofed handheld unit with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included. With guaranteed exact results in less time, our new smarter process will revolutionize water testing. Custom Koi Kit contains; Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Total Alkalinity, Free Chlorine and pH. Compatible with Apple and Android.
Pond Water Testing

Pond Water Testing

API Reef Master Test Kit

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