skimmers for koi pondsPond Skimmers that you build into the wall of your pond play a very important part and should planned from the outset,many people skimp on this project and regret it later then they have to use a portable skimmer,these skimmers are not an expensive outlay un like the portable ones.checkout all the different styles that we keep and if theres any thing different that you are looking for just contact us. Oase's floating skimmer cleans a pond surface of up to 50 m². Leaves, algae and other contaminants are suctioned directly off the pond surface and contamination of the pond floor is prevented. The particularly energy-efficient motor technology of the SwimSkim 50 and the integrated injector for supplying oxygen make the SwimSkim an all-round talent,
they are very robust and one of the best floating skimmers on the market today,

Oase's aquaskim is a variable stationary and gravitation skimmer can suction off a pond surface of up to 40 m². Thanks to the easily accessible sludge basket, maintenance is quite simple and can also be easily executed from a distance.

Pond Skimmers