hose-clips-flexpipeHeavy Duty Hose is a very high grade and durable hose and is considered ideal for use in many industrial environments - particularly koi keeping. Virtually indestructible if rolled over by vehicles and has the ability to withstand high-pressure suction being applied to the reinforced lining without, the internal walls compressing and closing under such situations.

The internal lining of the hose is smooth and therefore permits the smooth unrestricted flow of water and all other liquids through the inner bore and can be glued on to hose tails then secured with hose clips, the hose comes in many different sizes ranging from 1" to 2", we also keep different adapters so the hose can be attached to pressure pipe, solvent weld pipe.

Without a doubt - this grade of the hose is virtually unbeatable where water suction or delivery is required. Hose connectors come in many different shapes and sizes, at Blackburn house koi we try and keep as many as we can so when you visit us you're never disappointed.
 High-Quality Black Koi Hose, OASE Spiral hose Green, Floating Blue Vac Hose, Hose Clips in all sizes, Compression fitting for hose, Hose Joiner Barbed And much much more

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