hailea pond pumpsThe T series can be used as a submersible pond pump or external pond pump. The T series is suitable for continuous use where reliability is vital and with a professionally designed low power motor, it provides excellent value.Versatile installation - can be mounted inside or outside water.

Thermally protected with auto-resetting thermal cut out. Ideal for continuous or intermittent duty.Synchronous motor gives high performance and low running costs.Vortex impeller handles up to 8mm solid particulate. ​The pumps have 1.5" inlet and outlet,Blackburn house koi keep all the spare parts including impellers,cases and fittings for pressure pipe and solvent weld pipe. The two types of Hailea pump that we stock are thw T series and the E series.

The T series ranges from the T4000,T5000,T6000,T8000,T9000 and T10000,then T12000,T15000,T18000,T20000,T23000 and the T25000,
The E series Ranges from the E5000, E8000, E12000, E15000 and the E20000,the E series are an Eco pump that runs on a lower wattage but with the same power and keeps the cost of running down.

Hailea Pond Pumps