Hailea BP series pond pumpThe BP series of pond pump adopts a high quality reinforced ABS material help to seal the winding for safe use. Using a precise high aluminium ceramic shaft and sleeve the BP series is suited to both fish and salt water use. Quiet in operation the BP series has the unique ability to be fitted with a remote receiver (sold separately), giving you can control over the pumps flow rate and the ability to turn the pump on and off with out touching the mains.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Can be accompanied with a pump remote for flow control..
  • Allows you to customise and fine tune the flow of waterfalls and streams.
  • Ability to adjust the pump flow and turn off/on remotely
  • Each remote receiver are paired to a unique frequency.
  • Numeric flow indicator.
  • Receiver includes mounting hardware.
  • Sleek easy to use ergonomic design.
The BP series when purchased with a pump remote is ideal for aquatic systems. The remote allows you to tailor the pump low to the application it is set in by simply increase or decrease the flow of the pump using a wireless remote.

Hailea BP series pond pump