K+Advanced Filter 24
K+Advanced Filter 24
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Because Evolution Aqua are in control of the manufacturing process they can 
put the filters through rigorous testing and quality control checks before leaving 
the factory. K+Advanced Filters are rated to a maximum working pressure of 
1.5 bar, however they have been factory tested up to 2.5 bar and have passed 
a 10,000 cycle pressure test.


To optimise performance, there are unique double laterals inside the filter 
that help to improve flow through the bed of K+Media, that is supplied with 
every filter. This laminar flow, coupled with the use of K+Media reduces back 
pressure on the circualting pump, ultimately making K+Advanced Filters one of 
the most economical filters to run.


There are four sizes in the range, 20”, 24”, 30” and 36” covering all sizes 
of ponds up to 91,000 litres (20,000 gallons). There will also be a 48” 
K+Advanced Filter added to the range later in the year, designed for use on 
larger, commercial applications.

EASY AS 1-2-3

They are simple to install and can be used as a standalone filter or as part of a 
larger filtration system with a Nexus+ or on a skimmer line. The K+Advanced 
Filters are incredibly easy to clean and are supplied with K+Media, pipework, 
air blower and multiport valve.

K+Advanced Filter 24

Maximum pond size 36,000 litres 8,000 UK gallons
Optimum flow rate 12,000 Lph 2,640 Gph
Multi-Port Valve 2"
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