blackburn house koiA pond is a complex ecosystem. And where animals and plants find an optimal habitat, garden owners can confi dently lean back and enjoy.
Observing the life in the pond is a wonderful pastime, however it is only possible if the water is clear. How you can achieve clear water in your own pond is only a question of technology – and its proper application.

This is no problem with the Clear Water System from OASE. Different components matched together in such a manner that with recommended use they ensure clear water to a depth of at least one metre. This is even so certain that OASE gives you a Clear Water Guarantee.

The Clear Water system offers more than conventional foam filters that only retain coarse particles, but do not convey them out of the water. To do this you need a special filter such as the FiltoMatic CWS. Thus you not only avoid water contamination through animals, or leaves that have fallen into the pond, but you also prevent algae from spreading; algae thrives optimally through nutrient input and under some circumstances multiply to an undesirable extent. High-performance bacteria, such as the bacteria contained in the BioKick CWS Filter Starter, decompose the unnecessary nutrients and clean the water.

Oase Pond Filters