Medicarp was formulated to stimulate the immune system of Koi and goldfish to fight disease. Medicarp was developed in Japan by researchers associated with Mie Univeristy in response to virus outbreaks which occurred in the Niigata prefecture. Results were excellent and in the years since, Medicarp has become a widely respected food among Japanese breeders, collectors and hobbyists.
Medicarp is a long term, maintenence food.

MediCarp Color Enhancer contains astaxanthin to enhance the characteristic colours of koi. The vitamin C in the MediCarp Color Enhancer helps protect the koi’s white colour and to sharpen the contrast between the red and the white. In addition, vitamin C promotes a shiny skin.

Yamato Nishiki Koi Food:

Wait until you read this ingredients list and see all that high quality protein. How can they do it and keep the price reasonable? This is a protein array that's not matched by any other food on the market. All aquatic animal protein as the top main ingredients, PLUS the color enhancers in astaxanthin. This is high quality growth food.

JPD Koi Food