JPD Shogun Koi Food 10kg
JPD Shogun Koi Food 10kg
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JPD Shogun All Season

Why buy JPD Shogun and what are the benefits
JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food is one of the most advanced Koi Foods out there. The advantage of JPD Shogun koifood becomes clear within the first 10 days after feeding. When Shogun koi food is fed over longer periods of time, the colors of your koi become more vibrant and improve the overall health of your koi.
JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food can be used at high and low temperatures, contains probiotics, is a highly digestible, super wheat germ, whiteening koi food.
Shogun All Season Koi Food is developed and formulated with a high quality wheat germ that creates a high digestibility for koi.
JPD Shogun All Season also perform at low water temperatures
JPD Shogun All Season can also be fed at low temperatures as opposed to normal koivoer, which can lead to a lack of appetite or indigestion, but Shogun All Season koi food is specially enriched so that it can be used at low temperatures and yet is easily digestible. Vitamin C is used in Shogun to reduce stress and thus reduce the risk of disease.
  • JPD Shogun All Season Koi Food contains a plant-based plankton (Hematococcus) that gives your koi a very distinctive color and whites.
  • JPD Shogun Color Enhancement throughout the season
Shogun is formulated with heat-resistant vitamin C, vitamin E and grapeseed oil to help protect Koi from viruses, diseases and oxidation that all help make the Koi look young and powerful. The addition of Mannose stimulates and helps the production of mucus further to help protect the skin and give a superior shine.
  • JPD Shogun All Season Probiotics
  • JPD Shogun is composed with probiotics that reduce waste in the water and regulate the functions of the intestines.
  • JPD Shogun koivoer stays together until it is eaten and does not cloud the water. Shogun koivoer is a highly digestible food and does not contain artificial dyes. Shogun koivoer is composed with only natural ingredients to keep Koi in good health.
  • Shogun koi food contains Medicarp's premium lactoferrin and Hemathococcus agents to stimulate the immune response and stop the disease before it begins.
  • Shogun koi food guaranteed analysis:
  • Raw protein: Min 36%, Raw fat: 7%, Raw cell dust: Max. 2.5%, axis: max. 7.1%, moisture: max. 10%
  • Phosphate 0.9%, calcium 1.3%, sodium 0.3%
  • Vitamins: A 25,000 IE / kg, D3 2000 IE / kg, E 200 mg / kg, C (stable) 300 mg / kg
 Shogun koi ingredients:

Wheat flour, fishmeal, soy meal, squid meal, hemathococcus, lactoferrin, natural astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals.

JPD Shogun Health Food
Stress is one of the causes of the disease. JPD Shogun koivoer is enriched with stable "Vitamin C" that reduces stress. JPD Shogun koivoer protects your koi from a pathogen by an effect of "Seaweed Powder" and "Vitamin C".
All the advantages of Shogun in a row: 
✔ White-protector
quality nutrition✔ Improved digestibility
✔ Promote the digestive process of Koi
✔ Improves absorption and
reduces waste ✔ Manufactured with natural
ingredients of the best quality✔ Contains vitamin C for protection against viruses and diseases
✔ Contains vitamin and grape oil to protect
the skin from
oxidation✔ Reduced the stress✔ Contains Mannose to promote mucus production to protect the skin and obtain a beautiful gloss layer
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