x-clear-uv-systemsHow to clean your pond from algae and diseases:
Algae are the main cause that your pond becomes green and cloudy. Algae are micro-organisms that multiply very quickly when the water heats up. This disturbs the ecosystem in your (koi) pond. The water quality in your pond gets negatively affected and this can cause serious damage and even death to your plants and fish. To avoid this, it’s best to expose the water to Ultraviolet (UV-C) light. This is because one of the characteristics of UV-C radiation is that it attacks the DNA structure of single-cell micro-organisms such as algae, viruses and harmful bacteria. The organisms cannot survive this and will disappear from your pond.
Adding a UV-C purifier in your filter system:

Adding a UV-C unit to your pond filter system makes sure that next to the large debris and dirt, the above mentioned micro-organisms, viruses and harmful bacteria are removed from the water. This results in a crystal-clear pond, healthy fish and plants without the addition of chemicals. To ensure this, we only use the best quality UV-C lamps in our UV-C purifiers.

What kind of Xclear UV-C purifiers?

All Xclear UV-C purifiers are developed with a strong focus on the best usability and highest efficiency. They are easy to install and maintain. Because of the stainless steel/aluminum housings, they reflect 35% more radiation than most common UV purifiers. The UV-C purifiers are designed for maximum performance and to fit in any kind of filter installation. We have devided our UV-C purifiers in several volume categories to have the best overview of what UV-C purifier is the best option for you.

Xclear UV-C purifier Systems