The Thermotec Neo Inverter range of pool heat pumps offer an excellent inverter driven heat pump at a low cost with high value for money. This means that they automatically adjust the speed of the fan and compressor to precisely match the heat demand from the pond.
The ability to adjust the output of the pool heat pump allows the Thermotec Neo Inverter to deliver greatly reduced running costs with COPs of up to 10. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 10kw of heat is delivered to the pool. This delivers reduced running costs compared with other heat pumps on the market, In addition the inverter technology has a reduced electrical startup requirement, making them ideal for properties with a sensitive or limited electrical supply.
The Neo Inverter 5kw, 7kw, 9kw and 12kw can be run from a standard 13A UK Plug, larger models need to be hardwired as they can exceed 13A. The 5kw, 7kw, 9kw and 12kw come with a plug and play cable kit
Note: These heat pumps come with 50mm Unions for the use with 1.5″ Solid pipework – with this you will need to purchase 2 x 50mm to 1.5″ Adaptors plus a bottle of glue as listed on the optional extras.
WiFi is now free with this heat pump. We are also including a free 3m Plug and play kit with the following sizes: 5kw, 7kw and 9kw models, as these can be run from a 13 amp plug. All other models will need hard wiring so do not come with a cable/plug. This kit includes a 3m x 2.55m cable and a plug – please select these items on the checklist above when purchasing.
For a koi pond that is heated all year round with a winter temperature of around 12c and a summer temperature of around 20-22c, we recommend the following sizing.
Model Max Pond Volume
  • Thermotec Neo Inverter 5.4kw 2200 gallons
  • Thermotec Neo Inverter 7kw 2600 gallons
  • Thermotec Neo Inverter 9kw 2800 gallons
  • Thermotec Neo Inverter 11.5kw 3400 gallons

Thermotec Neo Inverter Heat Pump (Wi-Fi)