pro-line-foodsTop Growth is a complete food for koi made from very high quality ingredients. This food is composed in such a way that in addition to a very fast growth, the koi also develops a slender shape. The added natural color pigments (spirulina / astaxanthin) guarantee sharp and bright contrasting colours. In addition, Top Growth is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics to support the intestinal flora. Top Growth is a very water-stable feed, which means that discoloration of the pond water will be minimal.

Color is a complete food for koi made from very high quality ingredients. In addition to a high content of spirulina and astaxanthin, this food contains 2 other natural color enhancers. These additives ensure the development of deep, bright contrasting colours. The natural origin of these additives prevents discoloration of white scales. Spirulina is also known for its resistance-enhancing and health-supporting properties.

Wheatgerm Recommended in the cold months, especially in early spring and autumn. when digestion and metabolism is slower. This food is extremely easy to digest, so that it keeps the flow in the intestines of your fish going. This significantly reduces the risk of congestion (constipation) and infections.
During these cold periods, the fish must build up an energy supply as they enter or leave the winter.
Other features: stimulates immunity / contains prebiotics and probiotics to improve the intestinal flora.

Pro-Line Aqua Koi Food