Aeration" is the term that we use to mean adding air to the water. Since air contains 22% oxygen, aeration adds oxygen to the water. There are several very essential pieces of equipment to consider when planning a pond. None more so than a good reliable quality air pump.

Air accessories are also a very essential piece of kit, good quality ceramic air stones are the way to go and Rubber Membrane Diffusers are considered to be one of the most economical and low maintenance air diffusers available. The rubber membrane has many small holes which expand as air fills the membrane. Medium-sized bubbles are released. The rubber membrane does not clog like air stones. Little or no maintenance is required. Our Rubber Membrane Diffusers are designed to be very low back pressure so you also get the best performance from the air pump of your choice.

Blackburn House Koi always stock a good range of silicon-type Airlines, which can be bought by the meter or by the roll (100 meters) the airline works well with 50mm ceramic air stones, best used together with a multi-port air manifold, these come in many different sizes and attach to you air pump then you can place many different air stones in and around you filters or pond. also air taps and vales in many different shapes and sizes.

Air Accessories