aquasource pond productsWater Treatment:
The quality of your ponds water will always be of paramount importance, our advanced water quality supplements have been designed and developed alongside water technology and research organisations to ensure your water quality is always the very best it can be.
Aqua Balance Sphere:
  • Helps maintain a clean, healthy pond.With added Sludge Control Contains millions of beneficial bacteria For optimal biological balance.
  • One Sphere treats 30,000 litres
  • Designed to offer a rapid solution to immediate Ammonia and Nitrite issues. Each Sphere is packed with millions of beneficial bacteria, which will help smooth out Ammonia and Nitrite spikes and help keep your pond clean and healthy. The Sphere will start working as soon as it is placed into the pond ( or filter) With the added Sludge Control, using Aqua Balance Sphere regularly will help keep pipework clean and also help detritus in the pond to be broken down.
  • Ideal for use after using chemicals, to help mature filters and during frequent feeding.
  • Use monthly to help maintain healthy water.
  • Store at room temperature, below 4c may render the product ineffective. You cannot overdose. No need to switch off UV Clarifier.
  • Please note, the use of chemicals and certain Blanket Weed treatments may render this product ineffective, do not use when treating your pond with such products. Using Aqua BalanceSphere after treatment will help restore the biological balance. You cannot overdose.

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