Aqua Source GH/KH Buffer
Aqua Source GH/KH Buffer
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When used as recommended Aqua Source GH/KH Buffer will stabilise the GH and KH in water to help maintain the balance in the pond. Numerous factors can affect pond parameters such as acid rain which can lower the PH and sunlight which depletes the GH. The use of GH/KH Buffer will re-mineralise the water and reduce the chance of a PH crash.

What is GH?
GH is a measurement for the total quantity of dissolved minerals in the water. Fish need these for growth and general health. Ideally the GH in a pond should be between 8-12°.

What is KH?
KH is the measurement for carbonate hardness within the water. This is critical for a stable PH. When the KH is too low, the PH can fluctuate and even crash, causing serious issues for the fish. A KH above 5° is desirable.

Use at a rate of 1kg per 10,000 litres. This will increase the KH by 2° and the GH by 4°. Measure the required amount of GH/KH Buffer and mix the contents into a bucket of pond water, then evenly disperse into the pond. Repeat the dose as necessary. Please note this product will cloud the water for a few days.


  • Combined GH/KH Buffer
  • Increases GH by 4° and KH by 2°
  • Reduces the risk of PH crashes
  • Re-mineralises the water
  • 4Kg Treats 40,000 litres


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