AQUASOURCE ECO PLUS AIR PUMPSLow oxygen levels are the cause of many fish illnesses and deaths. Keeping the water well aerated will ensure that your fish have sufficient oxygen, and reduce the risk of health problems.
Warm water does not hold as much oxygen as cooler water, so it is imperative that during the summer months you have adequate air going into your pond. At low oxygen levels, fish will gasp at the
surface, congregate around waterfalls or generally appear lethargic. Medication can also strip the oxygen, so adding extra air is vital.

The ECO PLUS AIR range of quality air pumps will ensure that your pond is well aerated. They are economical to run, robust, powerful,
reliable and can be run outdoors. 12 Way Manifold, rubber connector with clip and two spare diaphragms included.
  • Low running costs, energy saving
  • High output and efficiency
  • Outdoor rated, waterproof
  • Low noise, compact design
  • Spare diaphragm set included.

AquaSource Eco Plus