blackburn house koiFor over 50 years, Charles Austen Pumps has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of pump buyers within various industries across the world.
As the leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors for use with air, gas and liquids, not only does Charles Austen offer off-the-shelf units, but also adaptations of standard OEM products. The Charles Austen Pumps research and development team is based in-house and can design new pumps from concept to production.

Designed for use in sewage aeration applications the range includes both the Enviro air pump for situating outside the sewage treatment for aeration of wastewater in the first stage of treatment and the SW range which is submersed in the media for removing the wastewater after treatment. Other applications include aeration for koi ponds and spas/whirlpools, rainwater harvesters, cellar emptying, swimming pool emptying, flood prevention and fuel cell manufacture.

The Enviro range of linear air pumps is designed for domestic wastewater treatment units and medical applications where a reliable, low-cost pump is required. The simple yet efficient pumping principle uses an electro-magnetically operated diaphragm, eliminating sliding parts and keeping wear and tear minimal to ensure long service life. Also incorporating energy efficient motors for low power consumption, the Enviro range allows for minimal cost of ownership.

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