Elecro H.R. UV-CUsing the latest amalgam lamp technology, the small, yet powerful H.R.UV-C Spa, offers the highest possible performance over a wide range of temperatures with a consistent output of UVC.

The H.R.UV-C should be either installed horizontally or vertically allowing enough space for the pipe connections, wiring and maintenance of lamps/quartz sleeve. It should be firmly secured, using the fixing kit provided, to a solid wall.

NOTE: When mounting the UV, it is essential to leave a clearance space of at least 1 metre from one side of the unit to allow access to replace the lamp(s) and/or quartz sleeve(s) when required. Both the lamps and the quartz sleeve can be replaced from either end of the unit; if installing vertically the 1m clearance space must be above or below the unit, if installing horizontally the 1m clearance space must be to the left or right of the unit.

WARNING: The H.R.UV-C must be installed within a dry, permanent weather-proof area. In any case where water or moisture enters the enclosure the warranty will be void.

Caution: If the H.R.UV-C is unused during the winter months; it must be drained to prevent frost damage. Water must not be allowed to freeze inside the unit as this will cause severe 

Features & Benefits:
  • Highest UV reflective index on the market equating to supreme efficiency
  • E-PTFE reach chamber is extremely repellent, maintaining UV reflectivity
  • Up to 95% reflection amplifying the exposure of microorganisms to UV
  • No harmful gases or by-products produced
  • Neutralises bacteria, viruses, algae and fungai that traditional chemicals cannot
  • Optional smart peristaltic dosing system for chlorine/hydrogen peroxide (Pro model only)
  • Powerful sterilisation and eliminates the smell of chlorine
  • Average lamp life expectancy: 2 years
  • Equipped with intelligent lamp life indicator (Classic & Pro models only)
  • Sea and salt chlorinated water compatible
  • Models: Standard, Classic and Pro

Elcro H.R. UV-C