pond lighting

Enjoy your pond and garden longafter sunset,there are many different types of pond and garden lighting available on the market today and we will be stocking quite a few different ones,take a look at some of the lamps we have to offer and we will be adding to list as we go on. Oase are one of the largest pond and garden lighting producers.here are a few discriptions of what they do.
  • Complete sets offer numerous possibilities for garden and pond lighting
  • Either pleasant warm-white light or colour accents through use of the coloured lenses
  • Wall and ground installation, as well as fastening on a nozzle are possible
  • Suitable for use underwater and above the water
  • Suitable for permanent underwater use, thanks to protection class IP 68 (connection rated IP 44)
  • Spotlights work in a parallel circuit replacement is easily executed
  • Consisting of LunAqua 3 spotlight(s) and pro set either 1 x, 2 x or 3 x ground stake, wall/floor bracket, spotlight base, nozzle bracket, coloured lens set
  • With spray water resistant transformer


Pond Lighting