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blackburn house koiLet the water flow, where it should! For a safe connection of pond and ProfiClear modules, the floor discharge is flanged or bonded to the pond liner. The drain pipes, connection elbows and T-pieces are available in different diameters and/or lengths, as well as angles of inclination, so that the right fittings are available for each kind of water guidance

The Biotec discharge pipe comes in two lengths,Half meter and one meter with a 70mm diameter and all the fitting are push fit.The Oase 70mm diameter is used on the outlet of Oase Biotec and Biosys filter systems.it can also be used for the wased system on all oase filters

The )ase high quality water distributor valve with one inlet and two outlets, ideal for splitting and regulating the flow of water from one source to two independent destinations or outlets. The 1-1/2" inlet has a multi-stage hose connector to accommodate hose from 3/4" to 2".

The two 1-1/2" outlets with multi-stage hose connectors allowing connection from 1" to 1-1/2" hose. Both outlets are individually adjusted to ensure the correct balanced flow of water dependent on your requirements.

ideal for closing off waterfalls in winter and in very windy conditions were water is blown away from your pond as it falls from the waterfall, hence dropping the water level .

Biotec 70mm discharge pipe 1mtr,Biotec 70mm Discharge Pipe 1/2m,Biotec 70mm Connection Bend 45,Biotec 70mm Connection Bend 90,Biotec 70mm Connection Tee,Oase Stepped Hose Connector,Oase Stepped Tee Con 1/5",Oase Y-Distributor Valve,1/5" Oase Flow regulator with Hose Tails.