bactoplusFilter Start And Filter Start Gel,The product of choice!Because many hands make light work And this is why all the BactoPlus products contain a wealth of bacteria. And because of the fact that not only quantity matters we always use the correct types of bacteria. An independent product test revealed that BactoPlus was the undisputed winner. A summary of the test report can be found on the back of this brochure. When you compare the price per bacteria, BactoPlus is the best the market has to offer. BactoPlus you can 

BactoPlus products have a best before date and batch number printed on the bottle. Although products containing bacteria have a limited shelf live there are still products on the market without a best before date on the packaging.Filter Starter and Filter Starter Gel.Fish produce ammonia around the clock, this is released when absorbing oxygen through the gills. Ammonia is formed in a toxic form when the pH is above 7,4. In a biological filter bacteria convert ammonia via nitrite into nitrate.

For this conversion two kinds of bacteria are needed. The first group converts ammonia into nitrites, these bacteria are also called ‘AOB’. The second group converts nitrite into nitrate, these bacteria are also called ‘NOB’. 
Both processes take place with the use of oxygen; hence it is important that the water flowing through the filter is rich in oxygen.BactoPlus Filter Starter (gel) contains both AOB and NOB and in high quantities. During production 800 million bacteria per ml. are added to the products. Use these products when starting a new filter, after maintenance and when having problems with the water quality. When the filter is easy to access and the filter media can be set dry, the Gel version of the product can be applied directly to the filter media, which is enhancing the effect.