POND-AIRLINEBlackburn House Koi always stock a good range of silicon type Airline, which can be bought by the meter or by the roll (100 meters) the airline works well with 50mm ceramic air stones, best used together with a multi-port air manifold, these come in many different sizes and attach to you air pump then you can place many different air stones in and around you filters or pond.

Airlines including the Codeflex 2000 series is made from glass clear PVC low toxic raw materials. It is fully compliant with FDA Standards and reinforced with high-tensile polyester fibres. It is ideally suited to applications requiring a light-duty flexible hose meeting general shop floor airline pressures. Supplied in 30m coils. Industrial multi-purpose and flexible PVC hose reinforced with a polyester fibre. Supplied in 30m and 100m coils. Made from low-toxicity materials and suitable for food use. Manufactured to comply with BS6066 & ISO 5774. The working pressure shown is for a 4:1 safety factor @ 23°C. Available on request: Other colours & other coil lengths 4mm x 6mm Silicon Blue Reel Airline - 30m. The silicone airline is a far superior line to use against PVC. It stays pliable throughout its use and is non-toxic to fish, unlike PVC. We like to keep a good stock of all types of airlines at Blackburn House Koi also check out our air stones and air pumps.

Air Line