Air Diffuser Stations for Koi and garden ponds and lakes 



  • Oxygenates the entire pond. Allows aerobic bacteria to quickly decompose bottom muck.
  • Improves overall pond health & keeps the natural balance.
  • Reduces the nutrients used by most algae.
  • Energy efficient & effective.
  • Safe, no electricity in the water.


  • Inlet air fittings (included) accept 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" tubing.
  • Supplied complete with 10" diffuser.
  • Single head handles airflow from 0.8cfm/30 Lpm up to 2cfm/60 Lpm.
  • Air Diffuser Stations DS1/DS2/DS4
  • The hollow base can be filled with sand or gravel to sink.
  • Weighted Air Diffuser Stations DSW1/DSW2:No need to fill with sand/gravel: self-sinking.

Air Diffuser Stations