blackburn house koiAqua source Koi food is becoming one of the most popular feeds on the market today, packed with prebiotics and montmorillonite clay, Garlic is added to one of the two all season veritys ,Available in 3kg & 10kg bagsAqua Source All Season with Garlic Koi Food is a highly nutritious and beneficial food designed to keep your koi in excellent health. The premium quality white fish meal used in all Aqua Source Koi Foods ensures that essential amino acids are present, whilst the balance of lipids with the protein will promote rapid growth and development, without the risk of fatty deposits around the internal organs. The addition of clay and prebiotics helps to cleanse the digestive tract and reduce waste levels.
Feeding Aqua Source All Season with added Garlic will help keep your koi healthy throughout the year and can be fed in ponds above 8°C. Aqua Source All Season is especially beneficial after medical treatments or when restarting filters in the spring. Aqua Source All Season With Propolis is a highly nutritious and digestible food, enriched with the natural antibiotic, bee propolis. It is proven that Propolis has a positive influence on resistance to disease and it also helps promote good bone development and improve the lustre on koi. Feeding All Season With Propolis in Spring will help your koi build up their immune system quickly after the Winter period, thus helping to fight off infection. Regular feeding will maintain the immune system and help keep your koi healthy.
The addition of Montmorillonite Clay and PreBiotics to all Aqua Source Koi Foods helps to cleanse the digestive tract and lower waste levels. The high quality ingredients and considered protein to fat ratios will help to promote rapid growth and development. Feed Aqua Source All Season With Propolis Koi Food above 8°C.
Aqua Source Balance Plus 50/50 Mix is a high quality, special blend koi food, designed to promote a strong and healthy immune system. It is packed with pre-vitamins and increased levels of stabilised Vitamin C to keep your koi in top condition. Balance Plus is ideal to feed coming out of winter, when water temperatures are lower or as an all year round food. Aqua Source Balance Plus has the perfect balance of ingredients, along with added Montmorillonite Clay and prebiotics to ensure lower waste levels and healthy koi.
The 50/50 mix of floating and sinking pellets helps prevent the feeding frenzy that can occur when feeding your koi, thus preventing any potential physical damage to your fish. Balance Plus Floating/Sinking Mix allows the shyer koi to feed at the bottom of the pond, which is a more natural way to feed. With this mix you can be assured that all of your koi are getting the nutrition they require for healthy growth and vitality.
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