PRO-LINE-BACTOPro-Line Aqua Active Lacto Bac:

Contains, among other things, enzymes. minerals. probiotics. lactic acids. ferment. trace elements. vitamins and essential amino acids. It can prevent fungal infections. fin rot and many bacterial infections. Wounds or damage can heal and recover faster and scar tissue is kept to a minimum. The water is brought into balance by adding lactic acid bacteria. Stabilizes the pH value. binds ammonium and nitrite. supports the biological filter part. A nice side effect is that it reduces the growth of algae by taking away their nutrients. The immune system is strengthened and improved. digestion in koi or fish in general is also improved.

How to use and dosage:
  • Shake well before use.
  • 500 ml per 10,000 liters of pond water. dilute the lactic acid bacteria with lukewarm water. between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. 5 to 10 minutes
  • wait and spread this over the pond.
  • Every 14 days after dosing. 250 ml Per 10,000 liters of pond water.
  • After adding the lactic acid bacteria, temporarily switch off the UV or/and Ozone and any protein skimmer (24 hours).
  • You can also add the lactic acid bacteria to the food. but don't make more than you put in in one or two days.

When to use:
  • When new fish are put in the pondbrand_pro
  • Immediately after you have changed a lot of water
  • Immediately after you have used medication
  • When ammonia is too high. nitrite and or nitrate content in the water
  • As a booster for a strong immune system before winter or spring and can improve the mucous membrane and resistance
  • As a support after fin rot. fungal infections. Injuries and damage caused by transport can speed up recovery and
  • Limit scarring
  • With Stress in the fish for any reason
  • With bacterial problems such as Aeromonas and Pseudomonas
  • Can reduce excessive algae growth by taking away their nutrients and for a natural balance in the water

Aqua Active Lacto Bac