Conifers & Pines
conifersConifers are a versatile addition to any garden, whatever the size. Their ability to provide structure, colour and interest all year round makes them an invaluable addition to your garden. They are low maintenance plants and being evergreen, do not drop leave litter in the autumn.
  • Mix in a shrubbery with shrubs and perennials
  • Use in a pot or in a lawn to provide a focal point
  • Add definition and height in a border
  • Create a hedge
  • Cover areas of garden or eyesores
Suitable for all soil types, as long as it is free draining, almost any conifer can be used in your garden to create an eye-catching feature
Conifers in containers
Almost all conifers can be used in a container in your garden but the growth rate and habit will determine the size of the container required. Container grown conifers will need regular watering and benefit top dressing with a general fertiliser in Spring. After time, the conifer may need repotting into a larger container.
Some conifers benefit from a light trim once a year around July or August. This allows for bright, fresh growth the following Spring. Trimming gives you control over its size. Don’t be frightened to experiment.

Thuja and Taxus varieties particularly like a light trim once they are established to help keep them tidy and fresh.
Conifers fall into 4 main categories
Fast growing 20 - 30cm per year
Medium growing 15 - 20cm per year
Dwarf 5 - 10cm per year
Miniature 2 - 5cm per year
You can find blues, greens, yellows, oranges and variegated colours in most of these categories.