set of 3 x 10 inch Coconut Carbon Water Filter Cartridge 5 Micron
set of 3 x 10 inch Coconut Carbon Water Filter Cartridge 5 Micron
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5 micron Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Block Cartridge for Chlorine, Taste & Odour Filter,for use in in undersink water filter systems & aquatic water filters where high performance service is needed.
This filter is made from a super heated activated carbon extrusion that forms carbon into a solid, but porous block. A solid block carbon will also have the properties of a particle / sediment filter. This CTO filter will have a large surface are flow rate can be significantly slower than  a GAC filter (granulated activated charcoal)
There are two main types of Carbon used in water filtration:
  1. Bituminous, mined or more commonly known as coal carbon 
  2. Coconut Shell / Husk Carbon- This is the best performance and contained in this fitler
The process of  producing "Activated" carbon filter media is by super-heating dried coconut husks in a low oxygen environment. This made using a process called pyrolysis, the end product "biochar" husk, is a highly purified form of carbon. 
This contains  a large amounts of cellular sized surface area, negatively charged to attract positively charged toxins. The toxins in your the water become attached to the husk's carbon surfaces. When you pass water over this carbon the active carbon surfaces are neutralised and hence the time to replace the filter approaches.
If you have previously purchased carbon filters and noticed a taste in your water this will probably be due to using the wrong type of carbon filters for your needs.These filters are guaranteed to give you the best tasting drinking water available or your money back
This carbon filter will remove a vast list of organic & inorganic chemicals from your water. If you are using this filter for the removal of VOC's (Volatile Organic Chemicals) and pesticides from contaminated water the life will be considerably reduced to that if you are using it to remove Chlorine, Taste and other chemicals from Municipal water supply.
  • 2.5" Diameter.
  • 5 Micron Particle/Sediment Removal
  • Weight 380gr
  • Designed to fit most international standard 10" Filter Housings.
  • Capacity 20,000 Litres for Chlorine /Odour removal from Municipal Mains Water.
  • Approximately 5,000 Litres for VOC's from contaminated water dependant upon level of contamination.
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