Thermotec Inverter Horizontal Heat Pumps With Wifi 20KW
Thermotec Inverter Horizontal Heat Pumps With Wifi 20KW
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Thermotec Inverter Horizontal 20kw For Pond up to 9600 Gallons

Now includes FREE wifi module !

The Thermotec Inverter range of pool heat pumps really do offer the best in terms of efficiency, performance, reliability and low noise operation.
The Thermotec Inverter range are fully inverter driven. This means that they automatically adjust the speed of the fan and compressor to precisely match the heat demand from the pool.
The ability to adjust the output of the heat pump allows the Thermotec Inverter to deliver greatly reduced running costs with COPs of up to 13. This means that for every 1kw of electricity used by the heat pump, 13kw of heat is delivered to the pool. This delivers reduced running costs compared with other heat pumps on the market In addition the inverter technology has a reduced electrical startup requirement, making them ideal for properties with a sensitive or limited electrical supply.
The Thermotec Inverter range work very silently thanks to a unique internal ventilation system and the inverter technology.
Both the fan and compressor automatically adjust their speed to match the pool heat demand, therefore once the pool is up to temperature, the unit can operate with reduced power consumption and noise.
The Wi-Fi module is now included and allows the Thermotec Inverter to be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or any internet web browser.
The Thermotec Inverter App is available for both Android and iPhone
The Wi-Fi module simply connects to the heat pump via the supplied cable
The module is then joined to your wi-fi network to allow it to communicate with the internet
The wifi module also allows HeatPumps4Pools to provide remote monitoring and support of your heat pump with the ability to change any settings if required. This greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of our technical support.
The Thermotec Inverter app can then be installed into your smart phone to give full remote control and monitoring of your pool heat pump.

Using the app you can:-
  • Turn the heat pump on and off
  • See the current pool water temperature
  • Alter the desired pool set temperature
  • Set the timer
  • View the pool temperature history graph
  • Change the mode of the heat pump from heating, cooling and auto modes
  • Put the heat pump in and out of silence mode (eg for nightime use)
  • Show the weather temperatures and information
  • Display any error codes and messages
Note: A a wifi signal is required at the location of the heat pump in order for the wifi module to be able to connect to your wifi. Please test the strength of the wifi signal eg with a laptop or your smart phone before purchasing the wifi module.
If you do not have a wifi signal at the heat pump's location, then you can either:-
  • Use a wifi signal extender to boost the signal in the area of the heat pump
  • Use power lan adaptors plugged into mains sockets in the house and the pool shed. You can then connect a wifi extender to the powerlan adaptor in your pool shed to deliver wifi to the wifi module.
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