Super-tab 12 tablets,Water in Control
Super-tab 12 tablets,Water in Control
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The SuperTab... promotes balance in ponds

  • Reduces anaerobic bacteria, viruses and moulds
  • Fish clearly more active
  • Neutralises organic waste
  • Slowly cleans system/pipelines
  • Prevents moulds, viruses and bacteria from developing resistance
  • Virtually no impact on plant life
  • Reduces the odour of the water/swimming water
  • Easy to dose
  • Low concentration produces effective dosing
  • No harmful side-products * Affordable to use

Ponds/koi ponds with fish:

Start-up and maintenance during the season: It is important to prevent bacteria pressure from mounting and to keep it well under control. A concentration of 0.04 mg/l in the pond is desirable as a maintenance dose. This translates into 1 SuperTab for 50,000 litres of water. If you have a 10,000 litre pond, you can dissolve 1 SuperTab in a 1 Litre jerrycan and then dose 200 ml. The solution has a 6-8 week shelf life provided that it is stored in a cool and dark place. Especially when the organic load is very high (for example, at initial product use), the dosed quantity is consumed fairly rapidly. In that case it is recommended that the pond is dosed every 2 days, 4 times in a row. Aside from reducing the bacteria pressure, a lot of organic material disappears from walls after a longer period of use. Your pond will slowly visibly become cleaner over time.


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