Spindrifter 4" Pressure Bottom Drain for Concrete (1" Duct)
Spindrifter 4" Pressure Bottom Drain for Concrete (1" Duct)
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The Spindrifter rubber aerator on top of the drain provides a constant supply of air to the bottom of the pond for maximum oxygen enrichment. The aerators can be retro fitted to existing bottom drains.
Pumping air through the aerator dome on the bottom drain gives the maximum diffusion for oxygen absorption and creates water circulation in the pond.

When installing plastic fittings into cement or brickwork, you can achieve a good bond between the plastic and the mortar mix by heavily covering the surfaces that will be in contact with the mortar in solvent glue. While the glue is still wet smother it in sand. The glue will partially dissolve the surface, permanently biding the sand into the surface of the plastic. Once dry (allow at least 24 hours), this will provide an idea surface for the mortar to bind,
4" Spindrifters for concrete now have to be adapted for use 110mm pipe,you can purchase the adapter from the drop down box .
Air feed kits come in two sizes now 40mm and 1" all new spindrifters are fitted with for 1" air kits
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