SpinDrifter Bottom Drain Direct Air Feed Kits
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SpinDrifter Bottom Drain Direct Air Feed Kits let you connect your air pump direct to the Spindrifter Bottom Drain.

The Kits are available in all size varients of the rigid pvc pipe used to supply air to the current Spindrifter Aerated Bottom Drains, The Machined direct air feed adaptor simply glues (solvent weld) into the 45° elbow on the inside of the spindrifter bottom drain sump. A short length of air hose connects the nipple on the coned end of the direct feed adaptor to the nipple on the stem of Spindrifter Bottom Drain. The other Direct air feed adaptor conects ( solvent weld ) to the the end of the PVC PRESSURE PIPE that runs from the bottom drain to the airpump. It is reccommended that this PVC PRESSURE PIPE should be terminated as close to the pond as feasible with the straight direct air feed adaptor. The connection from the straight direct air feed adaptor nipple to the air pump valve should be made with flexible Reinforced PVC Hose. 

Air feed kits come in two sizes now 40mm and 1" all new spindrifters are fitted with for 1" air kits
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