Pond Ozone generators

pond ozone systemsOzone Reduces chemical usage in your pond - saves money on chemicals,better for the environment,better all round!!

What is an ozone generator?

An ozone generator is a system that purifies the pond, making it sparkling clear .How is ozone produced?Koi need a supply of oxygen molecules (O2) in order to breathe and sustain life. On land,O2 produced naturally by the photosynthetic process in green plant life and in the water by green algae. Plants take in carbon dioxide (CO2), generally during the night, use the carbon to sustain life and grow, while releasing O2 in the process, much to the benefit of human beings and animals.

When a molecule of O2 is exposed to Ultraviolet sunlight, the activity levels of the individual atoms will be increased due to the absorbed energy. If the level of UV is high enough, the O2 wil split in two free O1 (oxygen) atoms. Most of the oxygen atms will recombine, again forming O2, while some of the O1 atoms combine with O2 resulting in the production of O3 Ozone.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is present in large quantities in the upper atmosphere generally at 20 to 30 miles in altitude and is called OZONESPHERE. On land, we are protected because almost all of the sun’s Ultraviolet radiation is absorbed, constantly creating and destroying O2 and O3 molecules. Therefore, it can be said that before ozone, there were no life forms present on the earth.

Lightning is a sudden discharge of unbelievable high voltage and current levels which produces large amounts of ozone. This is the reason that following a strong thunderstorm, the air is fresh and nice and we have to give most of the credit to ozone acitivity. For this reason we can call ozone the NATURAL DEODORANT.

However, ozone has an odour, which was first reported by Van Maureen in 1785 in the vicinity of an electrical discharge. The characteristic odour of ozone in low concentration is similar to that of new mown hay and is detected by most people at the level of 0.015PPM (Parts Per Million).