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koi dvdsBlackburn house koi stock a large range of  koi keeping DVDs,when the weather is bad and you can't spend time with your beloved koi you can relax in the comfort of you home and watch some excellent koi DVDs.they range from the beginning of keeping koi to breeding,showing and even pond building.

Following the worldwide success and critical acclaim of Volume 1, the second instalment of "The Koi Keepers" is finally here, brought to you by the World Leaders in professional Koi Videos.

Volume 2 again takes an in depth look at seven outstanding koi ponds, discussing with their owners the merits of the various systems. A number of high class, prize winning koi are also bowled for the camera, giving the viewer a close up look at some truly awesome nishikigoi.
A comprehensive explanation of each system, backed up by onscreen interviews with people themselves, gives the viewer as insight into the way in which some of the finest ponds in the UK are maintained and managed.

Part three A truly excellent program beautifully filmed and presented, "the koi keepers" is an inspiration for anyone wanting to pursue this hobby.

Volume 3 features an incredibly diverse range of Koi ponds and meets the dedicated individuals who manage these awesome systems. Many award-winning Koi are featured, specifically the 2003 BKKS Grand Champion, resplendent in her stunning home pond. Many fish are also seen in the bowl, which lets the viewers see at close quarters the awesome quality of these Nishikigoi.

A detailed rundown of each featured system, together with an on screen interview with the hobbyst allows for a totally unique, unhindered view of some of the best ponds the United Kingdom has to offer.