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pondxpert water treatmentsBlackburn house koi are now stocking pondxperts new water conditioning treatment that keeps your pond clear and fresh. Each biodegradable 'ball' contained in this tub is packed with healthy bacteria and enzymes. The balls slowly dissolve releasing a wave of goodness into your pond water restoring the natural balance."Pond gel makes your pond well!"
PondXpert Throw 'n' Go is a new pond water conditioning treatment. Simply drop one of the large balls or 'grenades' into your pond and it will help restore the natural order of things, or once a fortnight to keep your water fresh and healthy. There are 8 grenades in a pack and each one will treat 5,000 litres of pond water (1,100 gallons).

The NEW way to defeat blanket weed.Those chemists at PondXpert have been hard at work again and we think they have hit the jackpot with this idea.
New for 2018 - these barley balls are packed with natural barley straw enzymes. Simply toss into your pond weekly to break down the algae in your pond.

TOP TIP: Some customers choose to pop the balls into a fine mesh bag and dangle bag under water surface, which means you can see when they need replacing