Koi Books

koi booksThe Koi Doctor is written for anyone who cares about the health of their fish. Maarten Lammens has opted not to include irrelevant, hard to understand scientific data. The aim of this book is to present useful information on keeping koi in a clear and concise manner. After choosing from thousands of photographs, he has included some three hundred images, in the knowledge that one photograph often explains more than a hundred words. Maarten describes the most common problems in koi keeping and presents easy to understand simple solutions. 

Book One – ‘The Path to Understanding’ or ‘From Mistake to Mystique’, 312 pages.

This book covers everything Nishikigoi from their humble beginnings to the incredible tategoi produced today. It also covers every aspect that surrounds the overall hobby of keeping Koi which ranges from pond and filter design/construction, landscaping, water management, parasitic/bacterial problems and remedies, vital accessories, Koi shows and tategoi. In short, it encompassess 'Everything Nishikigoi' in great detail.

Book Two – ‘The Path to Yamakoshi’ or ‘The Highways and the Byways’, 259 pages inclusive of the fold-out area map of Yamakoshi and the DVD.

This book covers the Nishikigoi producers of Niigata in fine detail and also gives four separate tours throughout Yamakoshi which are fully complimented by the totally unique fold-out area map, the equally unique village maps and the excellent, professional DVD covering, in fine detail, all the same four tours.