DracoDrum(Origin 25)
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All drums use the same core components so spares are easily available of the shelf and usually next day if needed. Waterside drum electrics are all 12v DC. Designed to wash from mains tapwater, minimum 2 bar pressure (3 bar on origin 25). All modular construction and user repairable. All drums have 90mm waste outlet. A wash pump is available as an added option of £95 plus vat, trade. I personally don't like this as it adds cost, noise, complexity and it's usually fitted when the user hasn't run a permanent water supply to their pond - essential when running a drum even if for trickle in alone.

They all use 11 watts standby, 35 watts whilst washing or 78 watts with the optional booster pump. All stainless/polypropylene construction. Mesh filters down to 58 micron. All can be gravity or pump fed (specify on order).

Origin 25,

  • large twin inlet vortexes and concrete chambers
  • 5500 gph, twin 110mm inlets, 
Customer Reviews (1)
Paul Doherty
Delighted with Draco
I have a 12000gallon (55000 Litre) heavily stocked koi pond. The existing filter consisted of two banks of three vortexes, each chamber containing a metric ton of water . The second and third chambers in each bank are full of turbulated K1, giving mighty powerful biological filtration, but the prime vortexes collected a vast amount of muck, a certain amount of which would be passed on , and the trapped stuff required flushing to waste two to three times a week in the Summer months when feeding was heavy. Visibility in the pond was poor. At seven feet deep the water needs to be clear to see the bottom easily. Being reluctant to go to the expense and bother of removing vortexes to install a conventional drum, I decided to opt for two Draco Origin 25's, as I am running two pumps at 3,500 Gals / Hour each. I decided to install them one-at-a-time, and am very glad I did, because one has cleaned up the whole pond WITH ONLY HALF THE FLOW PASSING THROUGH IT FROM ONLY ONE OF THE TWO BOTTOM DRAINS! The prime vortex without the Draco, which I expected to continue to collect the same amount of muck as before collected less and less until now it is virtually empty. I can only assume that what is happening is that any muck that escapes the Draco and passes back into the pond has a 50% greater chance of being trapped next time, and so on and so on. The result is that the water is absolutely crystal clear. Admittedly I have only been feeding lightly for the past three months and the real test will come in the Summer. But in that case, I will install a second Draco for absoute perfection and virtually no maintenance. I have over 30years experience in keeping and breeding koi, and to me ,the drum filter is the greatest leap forward in that time, and in my case the Draco Origin 25 has done a fantastic job and saved me a mountain of work.