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blackburn house koiSeveral key points to consider when selecting an appropriate aerator for your koi pond are shown below.

PressureThe water depth at which the air is released into the pond will determine the primary operating back prressure of the pump. For every 1 foot of water depth, 0.43psi of resistance is encountered. The following chart provides the operating back pressure for the water depths indicated.

Water Volume 

The overall water volume of the pond is a key factor in choosing an aerator. A rough estimate is that every 1000 gallons of water will need 40 liters of air per minute to sustain the appropriate dissolved oxyen level for koi. This is a general guideline. The number of koi and amount of vegetation in the pond also need to be take into consideration. Please consult your koi provider for a more comprehensive oxygen requirement evaluation for your koi.

For rated pressures and airflows, please refer to the LA series data sheets for particular model information. It should be noted that a pump's maximum air flow and maximum operating pressure cannot be achieved simutaneously. As the pressure on the pump increases, the air flow will diminish. In turn, if the pressure on the pump decreases, its air flow will increase. This is true with all linear pumps.

Always install your pond aerator above the water level of the pond. This will prevent water from being siphoned back into the pump when it is turned off. It will protect you from the danger of water and electricity coming in contact with each other.