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pond expert air pumpsPremium Quality Pond Air Pump from pond expert. PondXpert
ElectroAir Compact 3600
Weatherproof design - box includes all accessories. This pond air pump boasts a lot of features for the low ticket price.
It is powerful and can provide a maximum air flow of 3,600lph. As a guide this is enough air for a pond of 7,200 litres (1,585 gallons).
The quality aluminium casing ensures that the pump is quiet in operation and the pump comes with a generous amount of accessories so you can control your air flow how you want it.
No need to purchase any accessories means this pump offers tremendous value for money and we have no hesitation in recommending it.
PondXpert ElectroAir Compact 2400
Weatherproof Outdoor Pond Air Pump
Perfect for ponds up to 4,800 Litres (1,057 gallons)
Includes all fittings & Accessories
This pond air pump offers tremendous value for money. With premium aluminium build quality air pumps like this usually cost a lot more. Not only that but this pumps comes with fittings, airline and air stones so you can get it working straight out of the box!
The air pump is weatherproof and is designed to work outdoors 24/7 in all weathers.
It is worth noting that a 4-way chrome manifold is include in the scope of delivery. This manifold offers four 'ports' for airline to be connected - the user can choose how many to run at any one time. Taps on each 'port' allow the user to fine-tune the amount of air dispensed.
The PondXpert Air Pump 6000 offers one of the highest airflow rates in the UK market. Despite its power and quality construction we offer this pump at a highly competitive price.
You will be impressed by the high standard of build quality - the body is mainly of metal build which adds weight to the item and reduces operating noise.
All necessary fittings/accessories are included (pond airline, airstones and manifold) so you are ready to go as soon as your pump arrives.
As a guide this air pump would be a good match for a pond sized 12,000 litres (2,643 gallons).