10" Block Activated Carbon cartridge 'Silver Series' Set
10" Block Activated Carbon cartridge 'Silver Series' Set
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10" Dual Purpose Powder Activated Carbon Wrap filter cartridge (carbon impregnated cellulose media nominally rated at 5-microns removes fine sediment particles and reduces unwanted taste, odour, as well as chlorine taste and odour, external netting provides additional strength and dirt-holding capacity).

10" Surface-Modified Catalytic Activated Carbon cartridge (Removes chloramine through chemical decomposition of hydrogen oxide. Actives site within the carbon decompose chloramine molecules into a carbon oxide intermediate, which further decomposes the molecules to chloride and thus converts chloramine into harmless chloride in water).

10" Block Activated Carbon cartridge 'Silver Series' with Latest Technology (premium-quality mixture of bituminous and coconut shell carbon - capable of water softening and scale prevention - also removes heavy metals from water including lead, copper, mercury as well as radioactive particles including cesium and strontium, in addition to further removing chlorine, odours and organic compounds).
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